We Use Quality Materials

Vinyl Material

We use 3M Series 50 Vinyl (cut vinyl) and Oracle 3651 Vinyl (printed vinyl) as our standard because, well, mostly because they are a great product and are easy to work with. Both companies produce a quality medium term vinyl that will stay put until it’s time to be removed. What this means to you is that if you place our decal onto a clean, smooth surface it will stick around for years… if you decide it’s time to go, the decal will remove with ease and leave little or no residue. Take that paper stickers!!

3M Vinyl is available in 28 vibrant colors (we offer the most popular online).
Oracle Vinyl is printed in CMYK (full color).

Application Mask

By definition, Application Mask is pressure-sensitive tape used to transfer vinyl graphics to the substrate. Application Mask is applied to the front of the cut vinyl graphic before installation.

Layer 1: Application Mask

Layer 2: Vinyl Decal

Layer 3: Backing Paper




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